Yigga Digga is a straightforward no-gimmick heavy rock four-piece with BIG riffs. Hailing from Western PA, the band has made a name for itself with a sound, attitude, and approach that will pull in metal and mainstream rock fans alike.

The band has just released their 3rd full length studio album No Limiter and is already getting airplay both domestically and internationally. The project follows their self-titled debut and the 2016 release Faded Glory, which received rave reviews!

Yigga Digga is forging a new path in the growing rock world. Led by Tom Dillon (vocals/guitar) & Chris Semonik (lead guitar/vocals) bringing the riffs & melodies, and driven by the heavy rhythm section of Bill Colflesh (bass/vocals) & Scott Pegram (drums/vocals/percussion).

Tom Dillon (vocals/guitar)
Tom Dillon
Chris Semonik (lead guitar/vocals)
Chris Semonik
Bill Colflesh (bass/vocals)
Bill Colflesh
Scott Pegram (drums/vocals)
Scott Pegram