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Jesse Gunn

Yigga Digga‘s latest singles Bone Crackin’ Magic, Jesse Gunn, Time Bandit & Underground Anthem are out now for streaming & download! Produced & Mixed by Chris Semonik at his own Harmonik Bomb Studios and Mastered by The Lodge in NYC.

Unlike so many modern recordings coming out, we thought we’d try something fresh and cut these “old school” like many the of great classic rock bands used to record in the 60s/70s–no samples, no click track, no aligning anything to a grid on a screen…we cut the basic tracks LIVE together in the same room at the same time

-Chris Semonik

ICYMI…we recently released a video for Bucket Lyst from 2019’s No Limiter album!

No Limiter is available now on CD, digital streaming/download on all your favorite platforms, a special mastered for iTunes (MFiT) version, and a kick-ass double vinyl audiophile edition! 

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