Faded Glory

Faded Glory (2016)

Faded Glory is Yigga Digga’s second album. Recording began in 2014 after a 6 year hiatus and found the band pushing in juxtaposing directions. Musically more complex and aggressive than their first album with tracks like “Into Eden” & “Stutter” but at the same time branching into commercial territory with songs like the laid-back “Slave To The Life” and the groove-laden female-fronted “Cutter” (courtesy of guest vocalist Dorothy Macaluso), Faded Glory also marked a return to form with Digga classics “222×3” & their Digga-tized cover of Johnny Cash’s “When The Man Comes Around”. The album was the band’s first to garner critical acclaim.

Attention all metalheads! Do you like Metallica or Corrosion Of Conformity? Then there is a band out of western Pennsylvania called Yigga Digga that absolutely demands your immediate attention…

…An album this strong should have the major labels sniffing around their door in no time.
Rating: 9 out of 10

Eric Hunker, The Front Row Report

The band draw on some very varied influences and manage to pull it off with a good sense of individuality, which is a rare talent. The four piece… from Pennsylvania are demanding your attention, and I can assure you it will be held throughout the eleven tracks here…

“Slave To The Life” is the track of the album for me. Have a gander at the video above and make up your own mind, but this is a brilliant piece of old school rhythmic rock. It has a real Lynyrd Skynyrd feel. It is lazy, it is sitting back supping a beer and just chilling… until that amazing solo kicks in. Sheer class…

Yigga Digga is a good time band. A band you want to sit down and share a beer with. No frills, plenty spills, and just downright dirty!

Ritchie Birnie, Devil’s Gate Media

The musicians in Yigga Digga are extremely skillful and talented. I can imagine this album on rotation with the beer drinkers in the rock bars. If you like catchy riffs, catchy hooks, and guitar solos or are fans of mid 90’s radio metal then this album is for you. 

JJ Ulizio, Empire Extreme

Listen to “Cutter” featuring Dorothy Macaluso right now.

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