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Yigga Digga - No Limiter (2019)
No Limiter (2019)

This third album from the Western PA heavy rockers showcases rich vocal harmonies alongside a newfound maturity in songwriting while still retaining their signature riff-heavy guitar style and unmistakable groove.

No Limiter is available on CD, digital streaming/download on all your favorite platforms, a special mastered for iTunes (MFiT) version, and a kick-ass double vinyl audiophile edition!
Take a look at the vinyl version here.

For their third full length album, Yigga Digga wanted to feature vocals upfront and further hone their clever songwriting style. Their signature riff-based & thrash-influenced guitar style is still onboard and perhaps a bit more carefully placed along side wide-open chord progressions. The bombastic drumming of their previous releases has been simplified and distilled to a concentrated groove attack, allowing their tasteful well-chosen bass lines to breathe. The result is a naturally progressed maturity that finds the band deftly zeroing in on their own original sound while also drawing on an eclectic mix of musical styles in their arrangements.