No Limiter

The long-awaited new album!

Yigga Digga‘s 3rd studio album No Limiter delivers a sound, attitude, and approach that will pull in metal and mainstream rock fans alike.

“I truly feel this is a drop-the-needle album”

-Tom Dillon, lead vocals

As musicians Digga has always attempted to paint a picture..of what we have seen…or…how we would like to see…our place in this world…No Limiter…is an exploration of our individual space…experience…and expectations…

“I wanted to write an album where every song mattered, where each song brought something to the party.  Throughout the writing process I kept asking myself…what does the album need next?

-Chris Semonik, lead guitar

The impetus with this one was to dispense with the modern concept of music being a disposable 30-seconds-at-a-time commodity.  We delivered a stout album with depth, variety, diverse instrumentation, a couple of 7+ minute barn-burners, plenty of catchy riffs and thoughtful lyrics. 

No Limiter is available now on CD, digital streaming/download on all your favorite platforms, a special mastered for iTunes (MFiT) version, and a kick-ass double vinyl audiophile edition! 

Check out a preview of the vinyl version here.

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